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What is CoeLux®?

CoeLux® is an optical system based on nano technology to artificially reproduce the
 natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky.  CoeLux® offers a breakthrough opportunity for indoor architecture by creating the sensation of infinite space. 

Just Like The Sun...

The CoeLux® Artificial Skylight replicates the same way the Sun's rays are scattered through the dome of our Earth's atmosphere; using nanotechnology to produce the same "Sun and Blue Sky" on a reduced scale for use in a myriad of medical, commercial and residential applications...that you can turn on and off.  Click on the "Just Like The Sun" label above or the image on the right to view a terrific introductory video...and, use the button below to schedule an appointment with us to see for yourself...
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Disruptive & Multi-Patented 

CoeLux® is a disruptive technology and the most awarded and talked about lighting solution in decades. It is so accurate in recreating the sky, people can't believe it's artificial. CoeLux® recreates the sun and the sky to produce a real-like outside experience while being inside through a combination of three fundamental elements: a high-brightness,
custom LED projector that reproduces the spectral characteristics of sunlight; sophisticated optic systems to direct the sun rays so that the observer perceives the sky and the sun at an infinite distance; and a nano-structured material that creates the Rayleigh scattering diffusion process that happens naturally within our earth’s atmosphere.
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    Visible Artificial Sun & Edge-less Sky

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