About Us

About Us

The Third Wave … is the era when the concept of the Internet of Things— of adding connected sensors to products— will be viewed as too limiting, because we’ll realize that what’s emerging is the much broader Internet of Everything. The entrepreneurs of this era are going to challenge the biggest industries in the world, and those that most affect our daily lives.  ... Steve Case, The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future, Kindle locations 131-135, 2016

This is what we are about at Koa Technology Group... a unique blend of top performers in the integration of the latest technologies and searching out the finest new technologies that provide better solutions for commercial and high-end residential environments. We look throughout the world to find the best and finest solutions. 

We are proud to have been the first U.S. Distributor of CoeLux® Artificial Skylight Solutions from Italy and are now the first in our region proudly representing Colorbeam NorthAmerica LED Lighting Solutions from Canada, powered and controlled by CAT5 cable that is a UL-Certified all-in-one low voltage class 2 driver system delivering power and intelligence to an array of indoor and outdoor UL-certified fixtures.  This

Greg Margolis

Founder and President 

Bryan Cruikshank

Project Manager

Andrew Ard

Marketing Director & Representative Principal

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