New CoeLux® ST Family

CoeLux ® has created an exciting new family of "blue sky" products; which utilize the same patented nano-particle technology as used in the larger Iconic Family of original artificial skylight systems.  These systems are;
  • Smaller & Lighter
  • Dimmable
  • Less than 1/10th the cost of Iconic Family
  • Electrical contractor installation
  • Fit Standard 2' x 2' grid
  • 3 louver options available; and, 5 more on the way


CoeLux® ST NAOS – available in two different versions – offers
an artificial window made up of various glimpses of sky, each
of which set in its own white cell of light.

Despite the remarkable chromatic contrast produced by the
light of the sky and of the sun on the cell system, this device
delivers utterly uniform light in the room thanks to the perfect
blend of the two elements bouncing light among the cells.


TIVANO – from the French Petit vent – is the breeze that skims
the Lake Como shores in the early hours of the day, clearing up
the air and giving the lake the iconic beauty that makes it one of
the most fascinating and magical places in the world.

CoeLux® ST TIVANO – also available in two different versions – offers
a reflected view of the light of the sun whose image appears
fragmented. As you walk under the window, you will notice
that the trail of light constantly follows you, just like if you were
walking by the lake or the sea looking at the reflection of the
sun in the water.


IBLA is the name of one of the areas of the historical city centre
of Ragusa, in South-West Sicily, which is now famous around the
world for the treasures of its architecture. The district is a dense
built up area of houses and churches made up of blocks of local
limestone on top of a hill.

CoeLux® ST IBLA offers an artificial window featuring a clear
opening to the sky without any element in the way, despite
being positioned at the bottom of a deep well of light. Like
NAOS, the contrast between sky and sun lies inside the well
itself which produces utterly uniform lighting in the room.

CoeLux® ST Overview 

It is mountable as a 2' x 2' ceiling module, with an aperture
window of nearly 2' x 1'.

The height of each module, without the louvre, is 35 cm.

The Naos or Tivano louvres the total height is of 40 cm

The Ibla louvre the total height is of 72 cm.

The total weight is around 10 kg.

It is mounted as a recessed luminaire in false ceiling modules.

The system is dimmable and DALI compatible.

The CE & UL certifications are expected for units shipping in April 2017.

Please use our Contact Page for obtaining latest information.
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